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International Wine Guide (9 editions available)

The Gilbert & Gaillard online guide is a practical buying cue for you. You can find your favourite wines and producers instantly using our search engine below.

Our 100-point scoring system gives us enough scope to reproduce the full array of nuance during tastings. The scoring scale is as follows: 

95-100/100 : An outstanding wine, when a great « terroir » meets exceptional winemaking expertise.
90-94/100 : A superlative wine combining finesse, complexity and remarkable winemaking.
85-89/100 : A wine of extremely high standard, which we enjoyed for its typicity and character.
80-84/100 : A quality wine combining balance, structure and neatness for a pleasurable wine drinking experience.
75-79/100 : A wine deemed acceptable.

NB: Wines scoring below 75/100 do not feature in our Guide.

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