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Bordeaux wine

Bordeaux wine

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Bordeaux wine

In the last decades, wine has become truly international, with the New World joining traditional European producers to create a global wine industry. If any region can lay claim to being the home of fine wine, however, it may just be Bordeaux. Bordeaux wines have become the most famous in the word and it is the largest wine region in France by the number of bottles sold. Bordeaux wines may come from one of 60 appellations and from over 8,600 vineyards. Bordeaux also offers a complex classification system that includes terms like premier or grand cru.

The variety of Bordeaux wines

The variety of Bordeaux wines is astonishing. This includes appellations like Graves, Medoc, Sauternes, Saint Emilion and Pomerol. Bordeaux wine is also some of the most famous and sought after in the world, with glorious wines like Château Petrus, Château Margaux and Château Latour delighting connoisseurs and commanding astonishing price tags. Clearly, this is a complex wine region and one well worth exploring. The Gilbert & Gaillard wine guide will help you do just that.

Choosing Bordeaux wines

The Gilbert & Gaillard wine guide has its roots in assessing wines from the famous French wine regions like Bordeaux. It is here that the guide becomes especially valuable, cutting through the complexity of Bordeaux's complex wine classification systems and bringing you straightforward assessments of the best Bordeaux wines. If you are considering some of the more renowned Bordeaux vineyards, you may be investing a considerable sum of money, which makes it even more important to be well-informed. The guide also includes useful tasting notes, to let you know which wine will be most likely to match your taste preferences.

The joy of Bordeaux wine

For many wine lovers, Bordeaux wine represents the best of what the grape has to offer us. It certainly boasts some of the most celebrated wines but there are also a huge number of lesser-known vineyards, some of which are making exciting new wine in innovative ways. The Gilbert & Gaillard guide covers the famous wines you would expect but also reviews some of the smaller and less well-known vineyards. It is one of the joys of Bordeaux wines that if yo look carefully you can still find a new wine to delight your palette. With the Gilbert & Gaillard guide, such exciting wines are yours to explore.




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