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Burgundy wine

Burgundy wine

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Burgundy wine

Burgundy wine is some of the most famous and sought-after in the world. The Burgundy region lies in the south east of France, from around Auxerre to the north, south to Macon. It is a long, slender region that some say includes Beaujolais in the south. Burgundy wines are also some of the most categorised in the world and the Cru system can cause a lot of confusion. The most famous white Burgundy wines come from Chablis in the north but the premier reds are all from the Cote d'Or to the south. Burgundy wine growers are obsessed with terroir and have classified the soil in the region into 400 types.

The complexity of Burgundy wine

It is not just the many types of soil that makes Burgundy wine complicated, the system of classification can also lead to confusion. There are four main levels of classification in descending order of quality. The top classification is Grand Cru, followed by Premier Cru, village appellation and then regional appellations. To add to the confusion, the appellation is awarded to a specific village or region, not, as is the case in Bordeaux, to the producer itself. This can lead to uneven quality within a specific appellation and is one reason to choose your Burgundy wine with care.

Choosing Burgundy wines

There is no doubt that Burgundy wines can be a delight but they can also be expensive and the complexity of the classification system means that it is important to be as informed as possible when choosing a Burgundy wine. The Gilbert & Gaillard wine guide is the perfect companion when choosing the perfect Burgundy wine to match your tastes. In the guide you will find all of the famous Burgundy producers ranked according to an easy 100 point scale. This is a much more accurate method of assessing the quality of the wine in the bottle than depending in the region's appellation status.

Enjoying your Burgundy wines

Burgundy wines have so much to offer, from luscious Chablis to serious aged reds. They go fabulously well with all manner of food, from seafood with the whites to rare beef with the rare reds. The Gilbert & Gaillard wine guide contains helpful tasting notes, to make sure that you get the Burgundy that suits your tastes. It also has excellent suggestions for matching the wines with food and even has recipes you can try at home to bring out the best in your wine.




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