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France organic wine

France organic wine

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France organic wine

In France organic wine is growing in popularity. The French have always been passionate about their food and knowledgeable about its origins. In Wine, the concept of 'terroir' is well established. Here, the winemaker and wine lover alike consider all aspects of the soil, bedrock, climate and aspect. It is no wonder, then, that the French people are also concerned with what goes into making their wine and how that wines is made. Many winemakers have had their wine certified by bodies like EcoCert, which means that they have to make wine according to strict rules.

France organic wine standards

France organic wines will often have been certified by a body such as EcoCert but while this gives a guarantee that the wine has been produced in a certain way, it is not in itself a guarantee of quality. Wine making in France is an ancient art and it should be remembered that many traditional wineries adopt organic production techniques as a matter of course, without ever applying for certification. Clearly, the world of organic wine is a complex one and that is why the Gilbert & Gaillard guide is such a useful companion, educating readers on the finer points of this growing wine standard.

Understanding France organic wines

In France organic wine must meet a variety of standards that are widely shared across the globe. Primarily, this means that artificial chemicals may not be used in the growing of the grapes of in the wine making process itself. This means that the grapes are grown without using pesticides and fertilisers, which some people consider dangerous to health. Some wine lovers also believe that that these chemicals actually affect the quality and taste of the wine itself, as the compounds are taken up by the vines and then transfer to the grapes and then the wine.

Rating France organic wine

When rating wine in France organic wine is treated by Gilbert & Gaillard in exactly the same way as any other wine. It is judged according to the same criteria and then given a score out of 100 to reflect its quality. This means that anyone selecting French organic wine can do so with the reassurance that it has been properly tasted and assessed. The wine lover can then enjoy some of the superb organic wines that are now being made in France.




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