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Grand cru guide

Grand cru guide

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Grand cru guide

Grand cru: the term alone is enough to have the wine lover's taste buds tingling in anticipation. The term literally translates as 'great growth' but in reality it means so much more than that. The word 'cru' usually refers to a vineyard, or a grouping of vineyards, especially ones that have been recognised for their quality. It can be thought of as an area, or terroir, that shares common characteristics that lead to the production of great wines. A grand cru guide, then, is one that can steer you through the wonderful world of these extraordinary wines.

A grand cru guide to complexity

Although the term, grand cru, is widely agreed to indicate quality, some care needs to be taken. This is indeed a regional wine classification that indicates that a particular vineyard or area is capable of producing good wine but the term actually has different meanings in different regions. For example, grand cru indicates the finest wines from Burgundy and also Alsace but it is not the top tier in Bordeaux. This is why it is imperative to exercise care when selecting a grand cru wine. The wine lover should therefore equip himself with a good grand cru guide, like that of Gilbert and Gaillard, in order to furnish himself with a more accurate assessment of the quality of the wine.

A grand cru guide to enjoyment

Once you understand the complexity of the grand cru standard, you can concentrate on enjoying the fabulous wine itself. A grand cru guide will help you find those outstanding wines that best match your palette and your preferences, exceeding your expectations and delighting your dinner guests. The Gilbert and Gaillard guide will also rank each wine from a total score of 100, using a variety of criteria to assess the wine carefully and provide an accurate indication of its quality and character. IT will also suggest which wines are best to drink now and which would benefit from a period in the cellar.

A grand cru guide to investment

Some grand cru wines fetch serious sums and many collectors consider them to be valuable investments. The Gilbert & Gaillard guide can help you identify wines that may improve in taste and also increase in value, while pointing out some that are better to be enjoyed now. This will ensure that both your palette and wallet benefit from the best advice available.




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