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Grand cru wines

Grand cru wines

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Grand cru wines

In the last few decades, great leaps in wine making technology has made it more affordable than ever before to enjoy a decent glass of wine. On some occasions, however, something a little more special is called for and that is where grand cru wines come into their own. Grand cru is simply the term that the French use for ‘great growth’ and it is given to a vineyard that is known for its good wine. That said, the term is not used consistently throughout France and can mean slightly different things in different wine making regions. In Alsace and Burgundy, for example, it is used to denote the finest classification of wine but in Saint-Emilion it does not represent the top tier of wines. It should also be remembered that the term is given to a vineyard, rather than a specific wine, so is not necessarily a guarantee of quality of an individual bottle of wine.

Finding your way around grand cru wines and other classifications

As van be seen from the above, wine classification can be a complex and confusing business. In addition to grand cru wines, there are premier cru wines, Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée wines vin de pays and any number of other terms to get to grips with. This can be off-putting for potential purchasers who simply want to have some reasonable expectation of the quality of wine that they can expect to find in the bottle. That is where Gilbert & Gail lard's scoring system comes into its own.

Let Gilbert & Gaillard demystify grand cru wines

Gilbert & Gail lard's wine guide uses a comprehensive but simple ranking system to assign a score out of 100 for each wine tasted. This is an easy to understand alternative to the complexities of traditional wine classification systems and cuts through the fog of uncertainty to bring clarity to the world of wine quality. Unlike those traditional classification systems, the ranking score refers to the specific wine in the bottle and not just the vineyard or area, thereby giving a more accurate assessment of the wine.

Choosing the right grand cru wines

Investing in grand cru wines can be an expensive business, so it is important that you get it right. Gilbert & Gail lard's guide lets the wine lover directly compare such wines, thereby offering more certainty that the wine chosen will be of the correct quality. The accompanying tasting notes, meanwhile, will give the wine drinker a better idea as to whether the wine will be to their taste.




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