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Grand wines

Grand wines

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Grand wines

Today, the excellent election of affordable wines in our supermarkets has made the joy of wine drinking more accessible to a far wider audience. It is a great pleasure to have a fantastic choice of easy drinking wines available for casual drinking but some occasions demand something a little more special. Thankfully, the world also has a fantastic choice of grand wines to choose from, perfect for a special occasion, a rare treat or a perfect gift. Choosing a grand wine, however, may involve a little more investment, so it is certainly worthwhile to take care to ensure that this money is spent wisely.

Choosing a grand wine

Many wine producing areas are known for their ability to produce particularly grand wines. In France there is Bordeaux and Burgundy, while Spain has the full-bodied Riojas and the fruity Ribera del Duero wines. In Italy, the mighty Barolo and Amarone demand our attention. All are fabulous and there are, of course, many more. The trouble is that all of these different countries and different wine areas have their own classifications and that can make choosing the right grand wine a little more of a challenge. This is where the Gilbert & Gaillard wine guide can be an invaluable friend.

Using the Gilbert & Gaillard guide to select grand wines

The Gilbert & Gaillard wine guide is one of the most respected and authoritative in France. It may be French in origin but it is international in outlook and is published in nine different languages. It has also been in print for more than 20 years and it is read by more than 600,000 avid wine lovers. The guide uses a simple 100 point scale to judge the wines it reviews, to make it easy to make comparisons between grand wines from different countries. It also features extensive tasting notes to give a flavour for each wine.

The joy of grand wines

Nothing adds to the occasion as much as a truly great wine. It can turn a good dinner into a great one and lift the flavours of food to a new dimension. Gilbert & Gaillard want this pleasure to be available to everyone and that is why their wine guide is designed to be easy to read and to be instantly accessible. In gaining a deeper understanding of great wines, the wine lover can derive so much more pleasure from his investment, enjoying the greater complexity offered by such wines.




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