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New World wines

New World wines

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New World wines

Gilbert & Gaillard have their roots firmly in French terroir but their reach is now international. The company's wine guide is now printed in nine different languages and is regarded as essential reading by wine lovers around the world. At the same time, the company has expanded the wines that are considered in its guide and it now includes a host of outstanding New World wines. There is, of course a great rivalry between the traditional European wine growing countries like France and Italy and the New World wine wine producers but this has the effect of pushing up standards everywhere and the winner is always the wine lover.

The joy of New World wines

New World wines have risen rapidly in popularity from the 1980s onwards and this has had a spectacular effect on wine drinking habits around the world. Many New World wines wines are eminently affordable and they have been instrumental in introducing wine to a whole new audience. Traditionalists may favour the old red classics, like a good Burgundy or a premier cru Bordeaux. Others may look to a chilled Sancerre or juicy Chablis to go with their favourite seafood but more and more wine lovers are also enjoying New World wines.

Understanding New World wines

Now connoisseurs are being tempted by a Chenin Blanc from South Africa, a robust Shiraz from Australia or a gooseberry-sharp Sauvignon Blanc from Chile. Wine production is now flourishing from Canada to California and Argentina to Australia, offering wine lovers more choice than ever before. Many New World wines are known primarily by their grape variety as the vineyards themselves and appellations have not yet had time to become well known. This can create confusion for the wine drinker and there is no doubt that quality can be mixed. However, Gilbert & Gaillard are on hand to guide the expert and novice alike through the vast range of wines on offer.

A guide for New World wines

Gilbert & Gaillard have been quick to embrace the joys of New World wines. Undaunted by the vast range on offer, the company deploy their standard ratings techniques to cut through the uncertainty and deliver uncompromising and independent assessments of the wines on offer. With helpful tasting notes and recommendations for matching with food, New World wines come alive at Gilbert & Gaillard.




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