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Organic wine purchase

Organic wine purchase

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organic wine purchase

The increasing popularity of organic wine is one of the most striking trends to take place recently in the world of wine. People seem to be becoming more aware of the environment and every organic wine purchase is an indication of these new concerns. People are becoming more knowledgeable about the origins of their food and what goes into making it, so it is perhaps only natural that they adopt the same approach to choosing an organic wine to go with that food. Thankfully, in this growing market, there are now more organic wines than ever before to choose from.

Making an informed organic wine purchase

There is some discussion in the industry as to what exactly constitutes an organic wine. Most agree that any organic wine should forgo the use of artificial chemicals in the grape growing process, so no chemical fertilisers or insecticides should be used. There is, however, some debate as to the use of sulphites in the wine. Sulphites are widely used in wine as a preservative but they are not a natural product of the wine making process. Some therefore say that they should not be used in organic wine and certainly this is something that should be considered when making an organic wine purchase.

Rating your organic wines purchase

Just because a wine is organic, doesn't mean that it shouldn't be judged according to the same exacting standards as other wines. At Gilbert & Gaillard, every wine, organic or not, is assessed according to a set of criteria. This judging results in each wine being assigned a score out of 100. This approach makes it simple to compare wines from different supplier and regions, resulting in a far more informed decision when it comes to your organic wine purchase.

A better way to make the right organic wine purchase

Gilbert & Gaillard's reputation is second to none and the approach of the guide results in a much better way to make the right organic wine purchase. In the guide you will find helpful tasting notes, giving you a real flavour for the characteristics of the wine. There are also clever food matching hints and tips and even recipes to allow you to produce great food at home to match your great organic wine. The guide is such a wonderful source of wine knowledge that you will find yourself dipping in and out of it whenever your thoughts turn to wine.




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