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Organic wine sales

Organic wine sales

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Organic wine sales

Even a casual observer of the world of wine will notice that organic wine sales have been increasing almost in every single market worldwide. Perhaps this is no surprise as people become more concerned about the environment and how we produce our food and drink. Organic food used to be the preserve of specialist shops but now it has become far more mainstream. As it has done so, the premium price that was being paid for organic produce has come down, putting it more in line with standard products and making it affordable to more and more people.

The rise in organic wine sales

It is perhaps logical that the rise in the popularity of organic food should be followed by a similar rise in organic wine sales. After all, wine and food go so well together that it is only natural that we should want to accompany our organic food with organic wine. There are some differences in what is considered organic in the wine industry, but broadly speaking it can be said that organic wine is win that is produced without using artificial herbicides, pesticides or fertilisers. Some commentators on organic wine also say that sulphites should not be used as a preservative in the wine but this is still a matter of debate.

Getting the most from organic wines sales

Anyone who is considering buying at organic wine sales needs to do a little homework first. These wines should be rated with just the same vigour as are standard wines and at Gilbert & Gaillard that is precisely the approach. Here, each organic wine is ranked according to the same criteria as standard wine and it too is given a score out of 100. This allows the buyer to compare the quality on a like for like basis between both organic and non-organic wine.

Organic wine sales and premium wine

There is no doubt that as organic wine sales increase, more of the serious wine producers will get involved. It should also be remembered that many traditional wineries actually adopt organic practices and techniques because they have always produced wine in this way, even although they may not seek certification. Gaining that certification takes a number of years, so it make take some time before we see it on the more premium wines, which tend to have been aged for several years.




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