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Ranking wines

Ranking wines

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Ranking wines

Wine is one of the most delicious drinks that the world has to offer but it is also one of the most varied. Wine can range from sweet to dry, full-bodied to light and have wildly different levels of tannin, acidity and fruit. Even the process of making wine can differ hugely from region to region and winemaker to winemaker. That is before we even think about quality and the differences between a serious wine or a simple table wine. This is great news for the wine drinker because it means that there is a wine to suit every taste and budget but it also makes ranking wines more difficult.

Different systems for ranking wines

Many wine producing regions have developed their own systems for ranking wines and you may hear wines referred to as premier cru, grand cru; reserva or grand reserva. Sadly, all of these systems vary from country to country and even within different wine regions in France, the likes of premier cru or grand cru can mean different things. This means that comparing the quality of wines from different areas using these systems is almost impossible and a different method must be found.

The Gilbert & Gaillard method of ranking wines

Clearly, a much simpler method of ranking wines must be used and that is where the Gilbert & Gaillard wine guide excels. It ranks each wine according to a number of set criteria and then allocates a final score out of 100 to each wine. This removes the complexity and variation of the different wine classifications and allows the wine drinker to compare like with like. How do we know if a gran reserve is a better quality than a premier cru? With the Gilbert & Gaillard method of ranking wines, we don’t have to, we simple need to compare their scores.

Why ranking wines is effective

Ranking wines according to this simple system allows us to make informed decisions about the wine we buy. It allows us to make a judgement about the likely quality of the wine in the bottle and choose which wine best matches our requirements. The Gilbert & Gaillard wine guide also goes beyond this scoring and gives us comprehensive tasting notes to be sure that the wine matches our taste as well as our quality expectations.




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