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Soft wine

Soft wine

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Soft wine

The world of wine has many robust and powerful stars with bags of flavour and long, lingering finishes. These wines provide a powerful, mouth-filling taste experience that goes extremely well with strong-tasting dishes. These wines tend to have a high tannin content and are often aged in oak for considerable periods. While these wines are celebrated by many, they are not for everyone or for every occasion and many of us prefer a soft wine in many situations.

Enjoying soft wine

These soft wines with lower tannin contents can be a great choice for casual dining, more delicate flavours and fun summer barbecues and salads. Such wines often have a lower alcohol content and many find them easier to drink. Soft wines are also ideal to be enjoyed on their own or as an aperitif, whereas heavier wines are often best accompanied by hearty food. A soft wine is also often described as a fruity wine, as the fruit notes have not been subdued by tannins or by the spicy tones that often come with ageing in oak.

Some well-known soft wines

Many countries make some great soft wines that are well worth getting to know. In France, the Gamay grape produces fine light Beaujolais wines, which tend to be drunk young without ageing. Indeed, Beaujolais Nouveau is usually drunk just a few weeks or months after harvest. Pinot Noir is another grape that produces great soft red wines. Cinsault and Pinotage are other grapes to look out for when looking for a soft wine. In Italy, Primitivo is a grape to look for in soft red wine, often producing fruity, easy to drink wines. In California, meanwhile, Zinfandel is a favourite and can produce very enjoyable and light red wines.

How to find good soft wine

Many wine lovers look for soft wine that is still flavourful and memorable. It can be very difficult to find such a wine by merely consulting the label information but the Gilbert & Gaillard wine guide provides lots of information to make uncovering such gems far easier. The 100 point ranking score will provide a simple indication of quality of the wine, while the tasting notes will give an indication of the character in the bottle. With recipe ideas to match wine with food, the joys of soft wine are are there to be enjoyed by all.




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