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vintage Bordeaux wine

vintage Bordeaux wine

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vintage Bordeaux wine

The great wine region of Bordeaux is home to some of the world's finest wines. This is where you will find great names like St. Emilion, Pomerol, Medoc and Graves, along with Pauillac and Margaux. It is also, as you might expect, home to some of France's great wine houses. The names, the labels and the vineyard are all justly famous and include some of the wines most sought after wines. These are serious wines of great character and vintage Bordeaux wine represents the best of what this great region has to offer.

Assessing vintage Bordeaux wine

Each vintage year is assigned a score so that potential buyers can have a good idea of what to expect. Gilbert & Gaillard carefully assesses each vintage and awards a rating which is easily understood by its readers. This rating can greatly affect the prices fetched by vintage Bordeaux wine from every winemaker in the region. Usually, there is a large degree of agreement between experts as to the quality of each vintage year but it is also worth having a closer look at how your favourite producers have faired. It is just possible that they have produced great wine during an average vintage and there may be bargains to be had.

Enjoying vintage Bordeaux wine

There is no doubt that vintage Bordeaux wines are some of the greatest wine drinking experiences available to the wine lover. Rich, deep and complex, they often respond well to a longer period of ageing in the bottle, which allows the wine to develop into its full splendour. These wines can be expensive, though, so it is important to do some homework to ensure that the wine matches your expectations. The Gilbert & Gaillard wine guide is a valued friend in this regard, expertly assessing each wine and vintage to steer you towards the best buys.

Getting the most from your vintage Bordeaux wine

For many of us, the greatest wine experience comes when the best wines are carefully matched to the best food. The Gilbert & Gaillard wine guide provides not only excellent wine tasting notes, but also advice on matching the wine with food and even recipes that are designed to get the best out of the wine. There is also ample advice on which vintage Bordeaux wine should be drunk now and which would benefit from a longer period of cellaring.




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