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vintage grand cru

vintage grand cru

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vintage grand cru

A vintage grand cru wine is one of the finest wines that France has to offer. Grand cru, or 'great growth' is a designation given to a vineyard with a fine reputation for producing great wines. In particularly good vintages grand cru wine is among the best you will ever have the joy to taste. With wines such as these, you should expect depths of flavours and layers of complexity that makes drinking the wine a wonderful sensory treat.

Understanding vintage grand cru wines

While the designation of vintage grand cru wines will give some indication as to the quality of the wine in the bottle, great care should still be taken when selecting the wine. The vintage itself can vary greatly from one year to the next and this will have a significant impact on the quality of the wine and also on the price one can expect to pay. It should also be understood that what is meant by the term grand cru can differ from wine region to wine region and so a closer understanding of what is meant should be sought. The Gilbert and Gaillard wine guide is a great way of getting to grips with such terminology and making a better choice in selecting wine.

Scoring vintage grand cru wines

Every wine lover, of course, has his or her own tastes when it comes to the wine they enjoy drinking but it is helpful to have some sort of a level playing field when comparing different wines. The Gilbert and Gaillard wine guide takes the mystery out of comparing vintage grand cru wines by assigning each wine judged with a simple score out of 100. Each wine is ranked by expert tasters according to different criteria and this allows wines from different regions and of different styles to be judged according to their quality.

Enjoying your vintage grand cru wines

With the right information at your fingertips, you can instantly make sense of the complex but rewarding world of vintage grand cru wines. These are bottles to keep in your cellar or enjoy when the occasion demands something a little special. It can be absolutely fascinating to learn more about the fine wines that are on offer and it can be thrilling to find a bottle that you know represents great value.




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