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Vintages guide

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Vintages guide

There is an immense variation in vintages across the world, resulting in vast differences in the quality of wine from any one region over the course of different years. That is why having a reliable vintages guide is an absolute requirement when it comes to selecting your wines. Gilbert & Gaillard is one of the best respected wine guides in France and offers a vintage guide that covers all of the main wine-producing areas. This should be consulted carefully when making decisions about a particular wine as even a familiar label may disappoint if the particular vintage has been a poor one.

Getting the most from a vintage guide

The Gilbert & Gaillard wine guide carries in-depth reviews of a huge variety of wines from around the world. Each wine is assessed against a number of common criteria and then given a score out of 100. This simple approach allows readers to make a valid comparison between wines from completely different areas. It should be remembered, however, that these reviews refer to wines from specific years and they should be used in conjunction with the vintages guide to give a more complete picture of the likely wine quality from any one wine region.

Use a vintage guide to get better value from your wine

A vintage guide is a great tool to use to judge whether or not any wine may be a good investment or a good drink. Many wine sellers will feature wines from well-known labels or appellations but truly this is only part of the story. What looks like a bargain, may in fact be an inflated price for a wine from an inferior vintage, trading in the hope that the uninformed wine drinker may buy simply on the strength of the name. Using a vintages guide saves us from this folly.

Which vintages guide?

There are, of course, many different vintages guides to choose from. Confusingly, each may have a slightly different view of the particular vintage being assessed and may use different terminology to describe the quality of that vintage. Gilbert & Gaillard is a renowned wine guide and offers a simple and easy to understand assessment of each wine vintage. The guide has been printed for more than 20 years and is published in nine languages, making it a great choice for international wine lovers. With the Gilbert & Gaillard vintage guide, the wine lover is empowered to make an informed choice about the wine they buy.




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