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Wine buying guide

Wine buying guide

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Wine buying guide

For a wine lover, choosing a wine buying guide is an important decision. He must trust the opinions of the guide and understand the scoring criteria they use. It is also important that the guide is able to help the wine lover buy the wine he loves, selecting the best bottles from any vintage or any wine region. These days wine is truly international and a good wines buying guide should reflect that, listing the best wines from the New World as well as rating the classic wines from Europe. The Gilbert & Gaillard wine guide achieves all of these things and more.

The Gilbert & Gaillard wine buying guide

The Gilbert & Gaillard wine buying guide has been published for decades and has seen 50 editions. It has its roots in the traditional wine regions of France but it has since expanded and is now published in nine different languages and is read by 600,000 wine enthusiasts. The guide covers all of the great European wines from the likes of Bordeaux, Burgundy, Rioja and Chianti but it also considers the exciting wines from the New World. In taking this international approach, the Gilbert & Gaillard guide is an indispensable tool for wine lovers wherever they are in the world and whatever their preferences for wine.

A simple but comprehensive wine buying guide

The Gilbert & Gaillard tasting team judges wine according to a variety of criteria and then assigns each wine a score from 100. This simple system allows wine buyers to easily compare the qualities of different wines and select from the best wines that each region has to offer. The guide also includes helpful tasting notes on each wine, so that the reader can be sure that the style of the wine is a god match for their own tastes. The guide also includes lots of advice on matching wine with food and even includes recipes you can try out at home to bring the best out in your wine.

The value of a good wine buying guide

Every wine lover deserves a great wine buying guide and the Gilbert & Gaillard guide falls firmly into this category. The guide manages to convey a great deal of knowledge and shares wisdom on wine but it does so in an easy to understand way that takes the mystery out of the world of wine. With the Gilbert & Gaillard wines guide, a whole world of pleasure awaits.




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