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Wine fair

Wine fair

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Wine fair

There is no doubt that wine has grown in popularity in recent years just as other drinks, like beer and spirits, have declined. Perhaps it is because many of us have become more interested in food : (have you seen all of those food programmes on TV?) or perhaps we have become more confident in what we eat and drink. Wine is also a natural product, just made from grapes after all, so perhaps it fits better with a healthier lifestyle. Whatever the reason, wine drinking is on the up and this rising popularity can be seen in the number of wine fairs now being held.

The rise of wine fairs

Wine fairs now occur almost everywhere. These can be in the country and region of origin, where local wine makers come together to showcase their wines to a thirsty and appreciative public. They can also take place in the country of the consumer, often featuring wines from a particular country or in a particular style. These wine fairs often go hand in hand with food fares and they provide a great opportunity to try a variety of different wines all in one place.

Enjoying the wine fair

Just being exposed to so many different wines can, of course, be a great pleasure in itself but understanding a little more about the wines being featured at a wine fair can lead to so much more enjoyment. If the wine fair is being held in a specific wine region, then the Gilbert & Gaillard guide can be a great source of knowledge about the wines being featured. Just turn to the relevant pages on the region in question and you will find a wealth of information on what to expect from these wines and what to look for when sampling them. This in itself can greatly enhance your enjoyment.

Buying wine at a wine fair

The ultimate goal of any wine fair is, of course, simply to sell some wine. But how do you know which wine to buy? The wine fair can be a tempting environment but it is important not to get carried away and to make an informed purchase. That red wine may taste divine but is the price right? How does it compare to other wines from the region? What other wines should I be tasting? The Gilbert & Gaillard wine guide answers all of these questions and more in a simple and informative style. It allows you to back up your own tasting experience with some expert opinion and allows you to get far more out of any wines fair.




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