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Wine gastronomy

Wine gastronomy

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Wine gastronomy

In life there are certain things that go well together. Undoubtedly, two of these are wine and food. Indeed, wine gastronomy is a central part of the enjoyment of wine for most wine lovers. No haute cuisine dish is complete without a perfect glass of wine to go with it and no grand cru wine can be enjoyed to its best without some delicious food to bring out its best characteristics. Matching food with wine is a great art and if done correctly the result is more than the sum of its parts, creating new levels of enjoyment. It is therefore vital that the very best wine guides have something also to say about the food that goes with the wine.

Understanding wine gastronomy

What food goes with which wine? Most of us will reckon that white wine is a good partner for fish and seafood, while few would argue that a robust red is a great match for a rare steak, but what else can we learn? These days many more of us are eating exotic foods from all across the globe, so which wine is a good pairing for, for example, a beautiful Chinese meal? The Gilbert and Gaillard wine guide has extensive tasting notes that include advice for matching the wine discussed with food. The guide even has some tried and tested recipes that will perfectly complement some chosen wines. Taken together, this advice on wine gastronomy makes for a far more enjoyable wine experience.

The joy of wine gastronomy

When in a top restaurant, the wine list can be a little daunting. Most of us are keen to choose an appropriate wine to go with our meal but we are not always certain which wine to select. The sommelier can be an excellent source of advice on wine gastronomy but it is also good to educate ourselves. Using the Gilbert & Gaillard guide, wine lovers can quickly become familiar with some popular pairings and use these to make their own choices. Soon, they will find some great new pleasures as the food and wine bring out the best in each other.

Become an expert in wine gastronomy

With the Gilbert & Gaillard guide, you can explore new wine and food pairings, while always revisiting some old favourites. Finding innovative wine gastronomy pairings is a great way to enjoy wine from a fresh perspective and it can bring out characteristics that you didn't even know existed. There really is no better way to enjoy a bottle of the finest wine.




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