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Wine guide

The Gilbert & Gaillard wine guide has been delighting wine lovers for more than twenty years. The partners’ credentials are impeccable, with Philippe Gaillard growing up in a winemaking family in the Loire and François Gilbert having a PhD in geography and specialising in viticulture. Since 1991 the pair have been publishing their renowned wine guides and magazines and growing their business from a small start-up into an international concern. Today, the guide is published in nine languages and reaches more than 600,000 wine lovers all over the globe. A key feature of the guide is the company’s famous 100 point scale, where all wines tested are tasted blind and scored across a number of key criteria.

A professional but accessible wine guide

The key to a truly great wine guide is to produce useful information for wine drinkers that is knowledgeable but easily understood. The Gilbert & Gaillard guide achieves this with aplomb. Each wine is considered with complete independence in a blind tasting. Together with the overall scores, comprehensive tasting notes accompany each listing to allow the wine drinker to get a flavour of the wine before purchase. The language is descriptive but clear, giving the potential purchaser enough information to judge whether the wine matches their taste and preferences. In addition to the guide, Gilbert & Gaillard publishes a number of magazines containing a wealth of information about wine.

Lots of information to supplement the wine guide

Gilbert & Gaillard has grown from its early days into a major multimedia wine publishing powerhouse. In the magazines and on the website you will find all sorts of articles and information about wine. These include notes on matching your favourite wines with food, with helpful recipes to allow you to cook classic dishes at home and then partner them with the ideal wine to delight the palate. Gilbert & Gail lard's expertise extends to a deep understanding or terroir, appellation and grape varieties. This wisdom in the Gilbert & Gaillard wine guide is shared in a format that is easily understood, allowing readers to make a more informed choice when selecting a wine.

An international wine guide

Gilbert & Gaillard may have their roots in France but the wine guide is truly international in its reach. Wine lovers can investigate a huge variety of New World wines and find some new favourites from these far shores to complement old friends from France.




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