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Wine shop

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Wine shop

For the wine lover, walking into a wine shop is like entering Aladdin's cave of possibilities. On each shelf there are endless possibilities for exciting the taste buds and enjoying the sheer pleasure of sipping a good wine with dinner. A good wines shop is an extremely democratic place to be, with excellent wines for those on a limited budget alongside grander wines for the true connoisseur. The variety is truly breathtaking but it can also be a little confusing or even daunting. That is where a good wine guide can be invaluable.

Getting more out of your local wine shop

Choosing a wine is part of the pleasure of the whole wine experience. What will best go with the food we are having? Should we opt for a familiar wine or try something new? Should we stick with a traditional wine country or go for a New World wine? With so much to choose from it can be difficult to come to the right decision but the Gilbert & Gaillard wine guide is a great way to get the most from the wine shop. The guide uses a simple 100 point scoring system to rank wines, letting you cut through the blurb on the label and get an unbiased view of the quality of the wine.

Finding real quality in the wines shop

Does a higher price wine mean better quality? Not always. That is why having the Gilbert & Gaillard guide in your pocket is so helpful. The scoring system is so easy to understand that you can separate the good wines from the average ones in just a moment. It is also easy to use the ranking system to compare wines from different regions or even different countries. Is that wine in the bin end section really such a bargain? With the Gilbert & Gaillard wine guide you will know for sure which bottles in the wines shop are really good value.

Navigating the New World in the wine shop

One of the most exciting developments in the wine industry in recent years has been the growth of New World wines. These new wine growing regions are unburdened by tradition and have been free to innovate and discover new ways of making wine. This has also greatly increased the sheer volume of wine being produced and a quick glance around the shelves of the wine shop will confirm just how big an impact these wines are having. The Gilbert & Gaillard guide has been expanded to include the best of these New World wines.




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