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Wines guide

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Wines guide

The Gilbert & Gaillard wines guide is a respected resource for wine lovers around the world. It combines learned and informed opinion with an approachable style that makes the knowledge it contains so much more approachable. The guide uses a simple 100 point scale to grade wines against a number of different criteria, resulting in and easy to understand score that lets readers compare the quality of different wines. The founders have their feet firmly in French soil but the guide now extends to cover also exciting New World wines as well as the best that Europe has to offer. It is also available in nine languages.

The founders behind the Gilbert & Gaillard wines guide

Gilbert & Gaillard have been publishing their eponymous wines guide for more than two decades. François Gilbert worked as a geography professor for 15 years before using his expertise in viticulture to write about wine. Philippe Gaillard, meanwhile comes from a winemaking family in the Loire valley and studied winemaking and oenology, working for a major wine distributor before co-founding the guide. In addition to their undoubted expertise, the pair bring a refreshing enthusiasm to the writing of the guide, which is now read by over 600,000 wine lovers. In addition to the renowned scoring system, the guide also features descriptive tasting notes, which bring the wine to life off the page.

An international wines guide

No one can doubt the quality and excellence of French wine, while those of Italy, Spain and Germany have also contributed to making Europe the home of fine wine. In the last century, however, many Europeans emigrated to seek out new lives in the New World and many took their wine making skills with them. The result was an explosion in wine making, which saw vineyards emerge in countries as diverse as Australia and Canada. Unburdened by the constraints of tradition, these new vintners used modern equipment and innovative techniques to improve their wines until they reached the high standards we enjoy today. As an international wines guide, Gilbert & Gaillard have embraced these exciting new wines.

Using the Gilbert & Gaillard wines guide

The whole purpose of the Gilbert & Gaillard wines guide is to inform the wine drinker to help him make better choice about the wine he buys. This allows him to uncover new discoveries and buy with the confidence that the wine will meet his expectations. Together with tasting notes and ideas to pair wine with food, the Gilbert & Gaillard lets wine lovers enjoy wine even more.




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