WineDex®: the wine index rose in May

   WineDex®, the wine index, rosé by 0.87% in May, mainly due to strong Burgundy sales.
   WineDex®: France’s wine sales index
   The wine index WineDex® was developed by the firm iDealwine. Since 2007, it has followed changes in the price of wines in France. The index is based on prices of wines sold at 300 auctions held in France every year. The WineDex® index has four ratings: three regional ratings (Bordeaux, Burgundy, Rhone), which covers quotations of flagship wines from each region, and an overall rating called WineDex®100.
  The WineDex® index is reviewed monthly and you can watch progress on iDealwine’s website:
WineDex®: trends for May 2014
   Since the start of the year, wine sales have grown significantly. In May, the WineDex®100 index from iDealwine rose by 0.87% due to strong sales of Burgundy wines. Over a twelve-month period, the overall rating has surged by 8.22%, with a lot of demand coming from foreign buyers.
   In May, Bordeaux continued to grow with an increase of 0.71% (+9.30% over a year). Nevertheless, much of the increase is due to the fact that the 2009 vintage, where prices surged, was added to the index.
   Noteworthy sales in May mainly involved older vintages:
A case of 1945 Château Haut Brion sold for €2,500 a bottle
A 1958 Château d’Yquem sold for €1,320 (+83%)
1989 Petrus sold for €2,500 (+4%)
A magnum of 1989 Beychevelle sold for €168 (+24%)
1996 Forts de Latour sold for €192 (+72%)
2001 Château Pavie sold for €166 (+13%)
   WineDex® 2014: Burgundy shines, the Rhone valley drops and Champagne is still as dynamic as ever 
  Burgundy posted strong growth in May with an increase of 1.22%. Growth was driven by buyers from Asia.The most sought-after wines included Domaine Rousseau.
Conversely, the Rhone valley saw a slight decrease in May: the iDealwine Rhone index dropped by 0.59% for the month.
The most prominent Champagne labels were as dynamic as ever.

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