11-13 February 2019: Paris finally gets its own wine trade show

After two Vinovision exhibitions in 2017 and 2018 which, despite their mixed success, marked the beginning of the history of wine trade shows in the French capital, Wine Paris undoubtedly brings a crucial breath of fresh air.

This truly is the first international meeting of wine trade members in Paris. It stems from the merger of Vinisud, which has been showcasing Mediterranean and southern wines in Montpellier for 25 years, and Vinovision, which until now had been reserved for cool climate wines.

This new and much more comprehensive event gathers together an extensive array of wine regions and styles. It aims to become the must-visit European focal point for the wine business, which until now has revolved more around Düsseldorf! This international dimension is crucial for an event of this type, designed as a showcase for French and European wine expertise.

The first Wine Paris will welcome more than 2,000 exhibitors running the entire gamut of French wine regions with a significant international contingent from Algeria, Croatia, Spain, Greece, Italy, Israel, Moldavia and Portugal.

Now that the wine industry has made a pledge to support the event, the major challenge is to attract buyers from around the world. We wish the show success and long life and hope that Paris will quite simply become the world capital of wine for three days.


By Sylvain Patard