71% of the French know nothing about wine!

A survey by the Viavoice institute reveals that nearly one in three French people know nothing about wine. The findings are even clearer when looked at in closer detail: 43% of the French surveyed replied “not at all”, 3% “a lot” and 26% “fairly” to the question, ‘Do you feel familiar with wine?’ The survey’s results come as a surprise in one of the world’s leading wine producer and consumer countries. 


An elitist vision of wine?

One noteworthy finding is that the results vary significantly depending on the respondents’ socio-professional category: 43% of white-collar workers and licensed professionals claim to know about wine whereas only 30% of intermediary professionals say the same, and only 20% of employees and 16% of blue-collar workers. The Viavoice institute adds: “social differences are the main factor in structuring a sense of knowledge” and the survey’s findings “prove there is still a very elitist vision of being introduced to wine in French society. There is also a feeling (real or perceived) amongst many households that lack of disposable income is a barrier to accessing quality wines.”


Addressing lack of knowledge about wine

51% of the French would like to be “introduced to wine and sensible drinking”!  Unfortunately, changes to legislation at the start of the 1990s complicated matters, despite the fact there is public demand for an introduction to wine. It would also help overcome the increasingly common problem of binge drinking, which began in the English-speaking world and has led to huge drinking issues amongst teenagers.  


What is your opinion? Do you feel you know about wine?


Survey administered by telephone between May 28 and 30 using quota sampling of 1,015 survey participants aged 18 and over.


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