Strawberry charlotte with dry rosé Champagne

  • Number of persons
  • Difficulty Very easy
  • Preparation min
  • Baking min



Ingredients for 4


-          500g strawberries

-          300g ladyfinger biscuits

-          75g caster sugar

-          3 tbsp strawberry or lemon squash

-          25cl creme fraiche

-          Charlotte tin or small salad dish


Preparation method


Wash the strawberries under cold water, remove the hulls and cut them into slices before mixing them with the sugar in a bowl.


Add the cream to the strawberry salad and mix delicately in a soup dish.


Mix the squash with a glass of water. Quickly dip the biscuits in the squash, one by one, taking care not to over-soften them, just dampen them.


Arrange the biscuits in the tin. Start by laying them over the bottom, then line the sides with the biscuits standing up, keeping them tight together.


Pour half the strawberry and cream mixture over the biscuit base and then cover with another layer of tightly packed biscuits. Take a small plate the size of the tin, put it over the charlotte and lightly press down. 


Put the charlotte in the refrigerator for at least 3 hours.


Ideal with a dry rosé Champagne: Guy Charbaut, Brut rosé 1er Cru, 90/100. Beautiful harmony between freshness and fullness on the palate with light fruity nuances.