Blake Lively: “I discovered rosé in France”

She is the talk of the town, splashed over the covers of celeb and fashion magazines. We met with the “next big thing” in Hollywood – a young Californian girl who likes to enjoy the better things in life, especially wine. And boy, does she have some great things to say about it!


My dream would be to be able to shoot with Jean-Luc Godard, a director I love. I had the opportunity of spending several months in France when I was younger and it is where I discovered rosé ! Sitting in a deckchair with a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean, the cicadas in the background and a good bottle of rosé chilling – it was an incredible moment!

In terms of wine, I'm not a real connoisseur! But I can tell the difference between a self-respecting growth and plonk that burns the back of your throat. One day, I got a chance to go to a wine merchant’s with a French friend. You should have seen him. He didn't know where to look first. I think he would have bought the whole shop!

There was also a woman there and I can assure you that you couldn’t have pulled the wool over her eyes when it came to wine. Before, women drank what their husbands gave them. Nowadays, they hardly need them anymore. They read specialist magazines and enquire about wine. They ask the right questions and women's magazines even feature pages or columns dedicated to wine!

It’s the same in the United States, specifically in California and on the East coast. Wine clubs have popped up and whereas before, they only attracted the "elites" and the "insiders", today, fewer people are uninformed and more are passionate about the world of wine. That’s a good thing. By popularising wine and making it affordable for all, wine will never want for sales! As an aside, there is an expression that made me laugh a lot when I was in France, and that is literally, “this wine has thighs”. For me a thigh is a part of your leg, I didn't see much of a connection! It's like "this wine has guts”. What a physiological monstrosity! How about words like fruity, floral or musky... As a big fan of perfume, I tell my self that wine definitely has a lot in common with the world of women!


By Frank Rousseau