Cate Blanchett: she loves wine, but hates prejudices!

A convinced feminist with a strong commitment to gender equality, Cate Blanchett hates sexism. And that includes the wine world!


Prejudices die hard, especially when it comes to wine! There are still men who assume that only males drink red and are able to appreciate it. According to them, women prefer rosé and do not even contemplate other types of wine! This is obviously not true. I recently read a very informative article in a magazine, where the journalist explained that women are the ones who buy wine and that they are also those who talk about it most knowingly with others!

What is reassuring, without wishing to put too fine a point on it, is that there are also 30% of female sommeliers! That’s good news and reason in itself to celebrate, because the number is constantly on the rise. Do these ladies earn as much as men? Now that’s another story!


By Frank Rousseau

Le 22/06/2018