Celebrating Livio Felluga 100 years

Photo credits: Luigi Vitale

Celebrating Livio Felluga 100 years

September the 1st, Livio Felluga, main figure of winegrowing region of Friuli, north east Italy celebrated his 100 years. His work contributed so much to set Collio in the map of great wines in the world. The winery organised the past months several events to commemorate this unique moment:


Vigne Museum. An artistic/architectural projet by Yona Friedman & Jean-Baptiste Decavèle. A homage to friulian tradition and the culture of the viticulturist that had modelled this territory and make it famous worldwide.

100, limited edition wine created and dedicated to Livio Felluga. It is a Rosazzo DOCG, vintage 2013 presented in 400 Magnum bottles numerated. A blending with majority of (Tocai) Friulano, with Sauvignon and Pinot blanc, and a touch of Istrian Malvasia. Vinified in oak barrels where it aged after. Bottled July 30st 2014.

Vertical tasting intitled “100 years of Livio Felluga” guided by journalist Gian Luca Mazzella and Elda Felluga of the iconic wine Terre Alte (2011, 2008, 2001) and Sosso’ (2004, 1998, 1993).


In 2009, the Agronomics Faculty at University of Udine, granted the degree Doctor Honoris Causa to Livio Felluga. Professor Zironi points out in his speech the main contributions of this man’s lifepath and winery.

Born in 1914 in ex Italian Istria (Slovenia) from a winemaking family, he moved to Friuli to sell the family wine. Visiting customers around the territory, he fell in love with it and decided to settle a winery. Unfortunately, he had to dedicate 8 years to war and prision.

Back to his loved Friuli, he built the winery in Brazzano and bought the best plots up the Rosazzo hill, already well-known by the Benedictin monks.  People were asking for wines from the hills and he chose the best plots. In 1956, he buys an ancient Friulian map to be his wines label, becoming the brand of the winery. Even before wine appellations, he was already communicating on region of origin and variety. He innovated producing blending wines, ageing in wood to give a richer aroma complexity and longevity. In the years after war, he demostrated that the family wine state could be an economic model, and not only cooperatives, by setting a high quality level.

When ask about his major contribution, he answers, “my four sons, that love each other and work together.” With them, the story goes on…


To get a deeper insight, we recommend strongly to read the interview by Elena Commessatti to Livio Felluga from the book “50 anni di carta geografica. Storia di un viaggio intorno.”

A few words by Livio Felluga, showing his love for the land, his family and life.

“Considero amici tutti quelli che coltivano la terra” – I consider friends all those who work the land

“Ho imparato che l’umanità è ancora infantile” -  I have learned that humanity is still childish

“Voler ben a se stessi per voler bene agli altri. – Love yourself to be able to love the other