Chris Hemsworth: From Australian beer to European wine

Australian actor Chris Hemsworth, AKA Thor the super hero of the Marvel/Disney studios, is a box office sensation. He explains the delicious way he was introduced to wine.


As an Australian, I never say no to a good cold beer and I also admit a certain weak spot for Vodka! But that’s changing!

My wife Elsa* - who is Spanish - told me one day that enough was enough. I had to educate my palate! I had to drink slightly more sophisticated drinks. Take that to mean wine! She was the one who introduced me to it. I think the best way to be introduced to wine is by a woman. And better still, by the woman you love. Because you literally drink her words and devour her with your eyes!

As I was really uncultured, she started by buying me books. The “Wine for Dummies” type of books! Whenever we had the opportunity, we would also go to select bars and good restaurants. I started with a red Rioja. When the sommelier brought us the bottle - I don't remember much about the year - he explained that the wine’s origins were due to monks in the 12th century who owned vines at the foot of the Pyrenees.


The Australians are a young people so when you talk about the 12th century, it's a real culture shock! It’s certainly hard for us to situate it on the great calendar of humanity! (...) Also, when you see the number of wines in the market, it feels like you have to be an expert to find your way around! What I like above all in wine is drinking it, of course, but also seeing my wife wet her lips on the sides of a beautiful flared glass. I don't know what you think, but I find that very arousing!


*Spanish actress Elsa Pataky


By Frank Rousseau