Claire Foy: “Wine must be drunk with the people you love!”

Her performance as Queen Elizabeth II in the series “The Crown” has made her a star. There is no denying that the British actress is majestic! As she awaits her next crowning moment in the media and dramatic arts, this delightful ‘commoner’ talks to us... about wine!


If I were to raise a toast to anyone, it would be to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. She is a courageous, valiant queen, full of rectitude and dignity. The English are very attached to the monarchy. It is a part of our daily lives, part of our background. It sets the tempo for our lives and we have all grown up with it. Overnight, this vulnerable young woman found herself on the throne. She was not prepared for the position and had to overcome both the death of her beloved father and don the ultimate mantle without ever failing. The pressure must have been terrifying! Basically, like the Queen, I feel more comfortable in the countryside than in London. Wearing a dress with a train, a tiara, a crown, necklaces and bracelets is definitely not my thing! I grew up in a family with a lot of cousins, aunts, and endless family branches. I was born in Manchester but spent most of my early years in a small village in Buckinghamshire.

On Sundays, after church, I have memories of family meals that lasted all afternoon. Everyone would bring a dish and some good bottles of wine. We couldn’t afford exceptional wines, but it’s fair to say that the wine we were drinking was decent. I think the most important thing is to drink an average wine with people you love rather than the other way around. It is the quality of the people around you that makes it easier for a wine to just slip down! (laughs) And quite honestly, it must be incredibly sad to drink a great wine alone, at home, in front of the fire!


Interview by Frank Rousseau

On 26/07/2018