Clara Carpené has something to say about Prosecco


Everybody loves Prosecco! But what is now one of the most popular wines in the world would not have existed if Antonio Carpenè had not created it in the 19th century. His great-granddaughter Clara has some clear ideas about how to contribute to the success of Prosecco.


After studying Economics and Management, Clara started working with her father Antonio Carpenè Jr, learning how to make and sell what was then a new and growing product: Prosecco Conegliano Valdobbiadene. In 2004 she established her own premium winery, Cantinae Clara C, in Cartizze, at the core of the Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore region. The name she gave to her range, Fiori di Prosecco (Prosecco Flowers) aims to evoke the blossoming nature of these steep hills. It certainly helps to convey the idea of refreshing bubbles dotted with floral aromas, thus catching the attention of female consumers, who still represent a crucial target for Prosecco. “Women are increasingly careful and demanding consumers”, she says. “They no longer delegate the choice of wine to men, but are aware of their tastes and desires. The elegance and freshness of Fiori di Prosecco have made this product a favourite amongst female consumers, who ask us to provide a dry and clean, almost natural Prosecco. Women are also selective about quality and sustainability and appreciate tidy and elegant packaging”.


How Prosecco has changed in the last 50 years


First of all, production techniques have improved and are now backed up by high-tech. “This has led to an increase in the average quality of Prosecco, which makes it one of consumers’ preferred choices”, she explains. Clara stresses how this fact has also impacted on drinking occasions, transforming Prosecco from a sparkling wine poured only for celebrations to bubbles perfect for daily consumption. Clara believes the popularity of Prosecco – which is now imported in almost all markets – and its increased quality are intertwined. “The constant quest for quality and high level of appreciation shown by consumers have contributed to creating the Prosecco phenomenon”, she sums up.


Premiumisation and new markets


With the increasing popularity of Prosecco, demanding consumers are moving up the quality ladder, looking for premium, if not properly luxury, products. “Also, in more and more markets we are witnessing improved consumer education and therefore increased demand for quality wines. This process drives up the need for better quality at production level, in order to offer a wine that keeps up with customers’ increased expectations”. This has also partly shaped the image of Prosecco, underpinning “its uniqueness and leading to Prosecco being enjoyed not only as “prosecchino” (simple Prosecco) but as an Italian product of recognised excellence worldwide”, she claims. Over the years, Clara has personally contributed to shaping her premium and super premium products. Fiori di Prosecco is now sold in 15 countries with the US representing the main market and China the new entry in the 2019 agenda.


By Irene Graziotto - Photo credit: Courtesy of Cantinae Clara C winery