Gal Gadot: “I love rosé!”

Gal Gadot with Franck Rousseau


Forty years after the mind-boggling TV series that turned Linda Carter into a star, Israel’s Gal Gadot proved as ‘Wonder Woman’ that you can act by simply twirling a lasso. Aside from that, what really makes this former model’s head spin is rosé!


You said one day that you were fed up with men leading people to believe that they know more about wine than women. Coming from ‘Wonder Woman’, that’s hardly a surprise!


I think ‘Wonder Woman’ is an important film, not just for women but also for men. Obviously, it is important that women are not objectified or portrayed in a purely sexual way. It is also essential that we have an icon to represent us, just like men. At the same time, we also don't want women to necessarily look like ‘males’. It is essential that they hold on to their sensitivity and common sense! We need women who educate men, not be confrontational towards them. Let me give you an amusing example. You see, personally, I love rosé! For my husband it’s all about Bordeaux! When we have dinner together, it wouldn't occur to my partner to tell me that Bordeaux is noble whereas rosé is a kind of lesser wine, suitable only for tickling women's taste buds! If he did, I would know what to say to him.  I recently read that rosé was ‘invented’ long before white and red wine!


Do you think wine is beneficial to you?

You’ve hit the nail right on the head! To make my complexion radiant, I have long used a range of cosmetics made with resveratrol, a powerful natural antioxidant found mainly in red wine. This gift of nature has the ability to combat the accumulation of oxidative substances that are harmful to cell survival. I'd like to point out that I put it on my skin. You surely don't think I drank more red wine to make myself beautiful! (laughs)


A few years back, in 2007, you were chosen to promote Israel, your home country. What is the wine like there?

It is outstanding. Firstly, because we are lucky enough to have the perfect climate for our vines. In Galilee to the North, on the hills of Judea surrounding the city of Jerusalem, there are some mind-blowing wines as well as on the plain of Sharon, which borders the Mediterranean and in many other regions. Winegrowers have worked hard to put their wines back on the global map, so quality is good. Since Antiquity, wine has played a seminal role in our culture, but we had kind of forgotten about it. Today, we have made up for lost time and more and more men and women are committed to winegrowing.


Interview by Frank Rousseau, our correspondent in the United States – Photographs: all rights reserved