Giotto Earth Listener: young fresh air in wine consulting

Giotto Earth Listener: young fresh air in wine consulting

Reading the soil as a music score, harmony is not equilibrium.

First understand what is the particularity or specificity of a territory and using technology at the service of the best interpretation of the land. For example, in Chile the high altitude and the temperature range between day and night give natural synthesis of thiols so he would choose working in reductive conditions to preserve these aromas. On the opposite, in Kars area what is special is the minerality of its soil, so we can perform an oxidative vinification without losing authenticity. Consumer while choosing a wine is not only choosing quality but also values. What is good is different from one person to another, so it is important not to standardise wine.


Getting the best of tradition and technology

He is open-minded to non-sulphite wines and endogenous yeasts always with a good cellar tracking and no organoleptic defects. In his microbiology lab, they analyse yeasts populations for their clients. His approach to sustainability is global, not only being respectful and efficient in the vineyard but also with cellar work and controlling production costs. His consultancy services are also global.


Taste does not exist

Also passionate of NeuroScience, it is no surprise today if we accept that we do not choose what we like or don’t, it is actually our brain, it is actually our emotions linked with the memories. There has been an interesting workshop during the wine fair, I could not attend. Giotto is studing salivar proteins to better understand wine mouthfeel.


...and a bit of sixth sense

Federico Giotto is a very well prepared winemaker, who studied in Conegliano School and Padova University before working in research with the great professor Ferrarini, recently passed by, and also at Montpellier School Experimental Station “Pêche Rouge”. After working freelance as technician and consultant, he founded Giotto consulting and Giotto Lab in 2006 with a team of 10 people from different fields: agronomists, oenologists, biologists, lab technicians and marketing experts.

International consultancy

He has been working with Italian and European wineries for years, for example, the awarded Purcari and Bostavan from Moldova and Samburesti in Romania. We got the chance to meet him and interview him on his philosophy during passed Vinitaly Wine Fair and we strongly recommend visiting his headquarters on Conegliano Valdobbiadene hills.

Sorelle Bronca

After this fascinating interview we could taste the excellent wines of one of the producers he follows since many years in Italy, a family winery in Colbertaldo di Vidor. Managed by sisters Antonella and Ersiliana, and Antonella’s husband, Piero Balcon.

Difetto perfetto, “sur lie” Prosecco, dosage changes depending on the vintage and tirage is done not using syrup but grape must.

Particelle 68 named after the Colbertaldo hill, is obtained by a soft pressing programme, a 6h sequential program adapted to the characteristics of each harvest. Autochthonous yeasts. Complex bouquet of pear Williams, fennel, anise. Nice freshness and long persistence.

Delico a Pinot Bianco planted on top of the hill, blended with Manzoni and Riesling.

Ser Bele 2011: a great Bordeaux blend in Prosecco historical territory! Black cherries, blueberries, bell pepper candy, aromatic bark. Complex, well-structured and grainy tannins.