Global wine consumption: China takes the lead

   Vinexpo’s last study, released in January, revealed that China has reportedly become the world’s largest consumer of red wines, ahead of France, Italy and the United States.


Global wine consumption: data

In 2013, wine consumption by country (in 9-litre cases) was as follows:

China: 155 million cases
France: 150 million cases
Italy: 141 million cases
United States: 134 million cases
Germany: 112 million cases
China: several years of surging wine consumption

   Wine consumption in China has grown constantly since 2007 and increased by 2.75, whilst figures for Europe show a decline. The trend reveals a dramatic upheaval in the world’s wine economy.

Global wine consumption: France focuses on exports

   Now that France has been superseded by China, wine producers are adapting their distribution strategies. Encouraging consumption figures for red wines in China coupled with the prospects of a continued decline in consumption in France, have spurred producers to focus increasingly on exports to Asia.


Global wine consumption on the rise

   The continued rise in global wine consumption is patent. The growth rate between 2008 and 2012 stood at 3.23% translating to 2.663 billion 12-bottle cases. It should rise to 4.97% over the period 2013/2017.


Future trends for global wine consumption between now and 2017

   On the Asian continent, wine consumption should grow by almost 23% by 2017, compared with –0.14% for Europe and +9% for the United States, the two leading continents, over the same period.

Are you a wine producer? Do you already export to China or are you intending to do so soon?