Halle Berry: She loves Saint-émilion… for cooking!

The former James Bond girl really has an uncanny relationship with fine wines! We grilled her about it....


Cooking and me were like chalk and cheese, until the day I started doing it. And I didn’t go about it by half measures. I called on my best friend, Vivi, who taught me the basics and then gradually how to perfect my skills. As a result, I prepared last year's entire Thanksgiving dinner on my own. For the first time in my life, I was able to serve turkey that didn't have a burnt leather aftertaste and vegetables that weren’t swimming in water. I was so proud of my first Thanksgiving meal that I went on to cook Christmas dinner. As far as I know, no one has yet succumbed to food poisoning after eating some of my food! My only problem is proprtions!

Recently, I wanted to make coq au vin, a typically French recipe. I thought the meat would be better if I added a good wine to the pressure cooker. So I poured two whole bottles of Saint-Emilion in! It was ‘vin au coq’ rather than the other way around! You should have seen the faces of my guests when I told them about how I’d prepared it. Some of them, the true wine enthusiasts, almost called it heresy, high treason even! I have another delicious anecdote related to wine! I love fries doused in vinegar with a good glass of red wine.

You’re probably thinking that combining it with a good wine must make an incredible mixture in the palate? And you’d be right! That's why I stopped! It was a French friend who made me realise that this was just not done, that I was not respectful towards wine!


By Frank Rousseau

Le 1/06/2018