Jamie Dorman: the great romantic!

The playboy from ‘Fifty Shades of Gray’ is categorical: wine is a formidable weapon to spice up a couple’s relationship...


I am often asked for advice on how to woo a woman! Frankly, I'm really not the right pundit to answer that kind of question! Why? Because I'm a desperately normal guy and I've never had women swooning over me. The only thing I know is that my wife and I love opening a bottle of wine every night. It's our own little date, our own little ritual. We try to vary the pleasure by changing wines quite regularly, although, ultimately, we always revert to Bordeaux!

I believe that our palates are predestined for one type of wine more than others. It's like it's written in our genetic make-up. If I can give you another piece of advice as well, it's never put a TV in the master bedroom! It's guaranteed to put an end to your love life! A bottle of chilled rosé in the summer, though, within hand’s reach whilst star-gazing, is much more fun!


By Frank Rousseau