Joel Kinnaman: Swedish, wary and green

The Swedish-American actor is the star of Netflix's new science fiction blockbuster, “Altered Carbon”. After stints in The Killing, House of Cards, Suicide Squad and RoboCop's reboot, the star slips into the shoes of Kovacs, a super warrior of the future whose mind is placed in a new body to solve the murder of a wealthy man. We questioned him about his vision of wine in the future....


I hope that we will still be able to appreciate the true value of wine. Above all, I hope that the grapes will not be laden with pesticides or sulphur. But that would surprise me - the transition to “healthy” wines was started long ago by the most conscientious winegrowers. As a Swede, I care a lot about respect for Nature and “clean” food. I think that most winegrowers are committed to delivering a quality product that is free of “crap”.

Personally, when I buy wine, I'm the kind of person who bombards the wine merchant with questions. I think that's normal, because after all, the wine goes right down my throat! (laughs).


by Frank Rousseau