Kristen Stewart: Rosé is her thing!

Obviously I discovered wine in France and when I say wine, I mean good wine! Rosé wine to be more specific. I would have brought back a whole cargo ship full of it if I could have! It's incredibly enjoyable, fresh and thirst-quenching and every time I open a bottle it feels like the South of France is bursting into my home! I've tasted other wines, not necessarily ‘Made in France’, but there’s no changing my mind. Rosé is my thing! One day, I also went to visit a cooperage. It was incredibly impressive to see how such a noble raw material as oak could be shaped. If someone had told me that you could bend wood by heating it, I wouldn't have believed it! Not only is making barrels a time-honoured technical feat, it also requires years of training. Basically, I get the impression that everything to do with wine requires a huge amount of expertise!

Interview by Frank Rousseau, our correspondent in Los Angeles.