Simon Baker: “When it comes to wine, I like to discover new things!”

The charismatic hero of the series “The Mentalist” is a surf enthusiast and proved it by directing “Breath”, a film about the sport. But there is another liquid that Simon likes to “slide” down his throat and that’s a good glass of wine. Like surfing, it also gives him thrills and spills...


I read somewhere that apart from surfing you have another addiction, a French one this time!

Yes, coffee with a dash of milk and Brie sandwich is a must! I discovered it during a stay in France, in Hossegor and just talking about it makes my mouth water! In the United States, when they serve you a sandwich, it's on soft, sweet bread. Inside, they put tons of stuff. Mayonnaise, butter, turkey, gruyere slices, tomatoes, lettuce, eggs, sweet and sour pickles. In the end, it becomes disgusting! During my many stays in France, I also learned to appreciate your different wines. The advantage of being popular in a country like yours is that people take good care of you! They give you the best, they serve you the best products. People think that you will be a sort of ambassador for their wines when you return home!


And is that the case?

Actually, not really! When I've had a good wine, I don't like to say what it is. I stay pretty vague. When I go to a friend’s house, I don't want to be served the same wine they enjoyed at my place! I like to be introduced to new wines!


How can you keep a secret when the label is stuck on the bottle?

I always pour the wine into a decanter! Problem solved!


And what is your best taste experience with a wine?

It was in Paris! I was invited to promote “The Mentalist”. During dinner, the sommelier arrived with a wine that was about my age! I'd never seen anything like it before! When you are served a vintage that is over 40 years old, it is always a very emotional moment filled with anxiety because you are not sure that what is in the bottle has withstood the test of time.


Interview by Frank Rousseau