SINEFINIS REBOLIUM: Ribolla Gialla without frontiers - an EU wine


The Gorizia hills and Goriška Brda
Down the centuries, Italian Collio and Slovenian Brda were always been the same land, ruled by the Patriarch of Aquileia, the Counts of Gorizia, the Habsburgs (Austro-Hungarian Empire), Napoleon III and under Italian unification. After WWII, the Treaty of Paris in 1947 defined the border between Italy and ex-Yugoslavia, separating Collio and Brda. Most of the hillside vineyards remained in Slovenian territory and the town of Gorizia was split into two.

Ribolla Gialla – Rumena Rebula
Young winemakers Robert Prinčič and Matjaž Četrtič became friends during their Wine Business MBA in Trieste and created a project centring on a cross-border Ribolla Gialla wine. Rebolium is the Latin name referring to the native grape variety: Ribolla Gialla in Italian and Rumena Rebula in Slovenian. Historical documents attest to the fact that Ribolla Gialla fully reveals itself in these hills where it has adapted to the microclimate of San Floriano del Collio and Kojsko. Both winemakers manage their own wineries, Gradis’ciutta in the locality of Giasbana, San Floriano del Collio (Italy), and Ferdinand in Kojsko (Slovenia), but they decided to go ahead with their project and Sinefinis winery was born.

Classic method Ribolla Gialla
Sinefinis Rebolium is a single varietal Ribolla Gialla. Both growers produce the base wines in their own country and then blend them prior to bottle fermentation using the traditional method. After fermentation, ageing on the lees lasts for about 33 months before the wines are released for sale.

A diplomatic wine
Sinefinis Rebolium was presented in 2010 at the Italian Embassy in Ljubljana for the toast on Italy’s National Day; it was a great success. In January 2011, it was the wine that celebrated the meeting of presidents Giorgio Napolitano (Italy) and Danilo Türk (Slovenia) at the Slovenian Embassy in Rome, underscoring the good relationship between the two and the fact that borders no longer exist.

Tasting notes
We had a chance to taste both Sinefinis sparkling wines on a recent visit to Gradis’ciutta winery.

Sinefinis Rebolium 2011.Limpid pale yellow. Fine beading with a subtle and elegant bouquet. On the palate, well-structured, fresh and mineral with a dry finish.
Sinefinis Rosé 2011. (Ribolla Gialla and Pinot Noir, 33 months lees ageing)
Beautiful pink-copper hue. Aromatic palate enveloped by a creamy effervescence. An impeccable partner for an entire meal.

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