H.R.M The King Juan Carlos inaugurated the Castillo Ygay, iconic Marqués de Murrieta wineries, the 21th October 2014

Marqués de Murrieta starts a new era for the Rioja wines

HRM the King Juan Carlos inaugurated, in one of his limited appearances, the historical Castillo Ygay. With its renovation, Marqués de Murrieta starts a new era, updating the home of Rioja’s first wine project and reviving the myth of the actual wines.

After more than eight years of restoration, Castillo Ygay was officially inaugurated last Tuesday. HRM unveiled the commemorative plaque after having listened to the explanation about Castillo Ygay’s history and renovation given by Vicente Dalmau Cebrián-Sagarriga, Marqués de Murrieta’s President.

HRM, along with other Spanish authorities, visited one of the most important wine collections in Europe and toured along the Castillo Ygay’s museum, a living tribute to the evolution of the iconic Murrieta wines. HRM walked along the barrel cellars, the historic labels collection and ancient Castillo Ygay’s utensils. HRM Don Juan Carlos expressed to the media that ‘it had been a long time since I felt as good as I’ve felt today visiting Marqués de Murrieta winery. This is a unique project’.

As a final touch, after visiting the tasting rooms, all attendees enjoyed a menu prepared by the prestigious Marqués de Murrieta Chef Mariano Pascual, paired with the house wines.

For such special occasion, an emblematic Castillo Ygay 1938, the King’s birth year, was uncorked for the toast.

Marqués de Murrieta, one of the founding fathers of modern Rioja, reinforces its position as one of the most iconic wineries in Europe with this ambitious renovation project that has implied a significant investment. The Castillo Ygay maintains the original XIX century winemaking techniques which creates the perfect balance between tradition and modernity.

Its more than four thousand square meters of stone also hold valuable documentation and belongings dating back to the origins of Rioja wine. The course of history and the most advanced technology bind at The Castillo Ygay enlarging the Myth of Spain’s best wines.