WINE PARIS, a first…


For the first time, in February 2019 Paris will be the centre of the world...of wine, as the host city of WINE PARIS, the first international wine business event in Paris. The show stems from the merger of VINISUD, World of Southern Wines and VINOVISION PARIS, the international cool climate exhibition.



Under the WINE PARIS umbrella, the entire wine industry will join together in the capital city for a major, inclusive event focused on business and exports, consolidating France's undeniable credibility and expertise in wine. It could even be said that the choice of venue is both obvious and legitimate: France is the global benchmark in terms of heritage and gourmet foods and is also the leading wine exporter country by value* and a crucial consumer market, ranking second worldwide.

Paris also has incredible attributes across-the-board. It is home to a densely-woven network of wine merchants, wine bars, delicatessens, hotels and restaurants spanning the categories and serving a very dynamic consumer market, supported by its position as the world's leading tourist destination. WINE PARIS will naturally be coordinating a programme of fringe events to offer even more immersive experiences and complementary business and networking opportunities.


In a nutshell, Paris deserves a seminal event and the wine world will finally be convening there for its ‘high mass’ in February 2019.


Written by Sylvain Patard



*Sources: OIV 2018